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Karen B. Peters grew up on a farm training and learning from dogs, cat and horses, and rescuing wildlife in the woods and streams of Hunterdon County, NJ. She spent her high school years riding and showing horses, and worked with local vets assisting with large and small animal calls. Graduating with honors in 1985 with a major in Environmental Science from Cook College of Rutgers University, she worked as an Environmental Educator and Wildlife Rehabilitator for 10 years. As an Environmental Educator Karen thoroughly enjoyed helping people develop an understanding of the wild animals who share their world. Helping people and animals coexist peacefully together has always been an integral part of Karen's life, and in her work with dogs this is specifically manifest in helping with behavioral problems in your companion dog. The advantage of being professionally trained as an educator shows clearly in the response of everyday people and their animals to Karen's teaching style. Click here to read testimonials.
In 1995 Karen started a successful consultation practice on behavioral and emotional issues with clients and their companion animals, horses, dogs and cats. She also trained extensively with well known animal communicator Penelope Smith. As she acquired her own dogs, one German Shepherd presented a wide range of behavioral issues. Since communication alone can not change a dog's basic temperament, she sought out help from the dog training professionals in the area, and yet found no one who could truly address the underlying issues and solve the problem, especially aggressive and anxiety issues. She needed actual answers to the consistent behavioral issues that this dog presented. Having already trained with the some of best traditional dog trainers available in NJ and Pa., Karen realized what was missing was the kind of behavioral counseling she had done with clients nationally and internationally for years, and that she could work in-person locally to help with real world everyday living situations. She formed CDTS and began to integrate all the parts of what she had learned firsthand into a cohesive whole, that has as its goal to help animals and their people live more harmoniously and understand each other better. Karen is especially effective at dealing with specific behavioral issues, getting to the heart of the matter and helping people understand how to bring out the best in their canine companion for their lifetime. Karen has titled her female German Shepherd Dog in Schutzhund Obedience, trained her male German Shepherd Dog in Schutzhund and is currently working with him in K9 Search and Rescue training. 
Karen presently utilizes the best of the old and the newer positive reinforcement techniques, combined with her natural intuitive and perceptive abilities, helping you to become more effective in your everyday life with your dog, after she leaves your home. She believes in empowering the handler to bring out the best in their dog(s) and bringing about a handler - dog communication that answers problems before they become issues. She continues to work extensively with animal communication and behavioral issues in her private practice, both nationally and  internationally, and is well known in this field. 

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