Crazy Dog was started in 2002 because I had a dog who had a mind of her own, and who I loved very much.  She is in dog heaven now, after 12 years of teaching me that not all dogs are the same.  There were many wonderful and some not so wonderful methods of dog training that were available when she was an out of control nonconformist wild-thing German Shepherd. She didn't fit into any of these methods. 
I decided to use the Intuitive Animal Communication skills I had developed over my lifetime, while studying every available guide to dog training in existence at the time. I have been blessed to have helped many dogs and their people with what she and my two other dogs taught me, as well as several very fine trainers I studied with. 
Dog training can be very physical, so its not always about a concept or an intellectual/spiritual communication.  That's why often in-person dog training is needed, more than just a phone consult, so the entire household can work together and how everyone is contributing to the problem, or to the solution. 
YOU choose which. 
You choose the outlook and the solutions that will work for you and your family, animals and people.
It feels better to harmonize your needs and your dog's needs to establish a working relationship that is good for everyone in the long run.

Crazy Dog Training is training based on helping people understand and communicate with their dogs in an effective way that both can understand, with results that lead to a happier household. I believe training will lead to a dog who enjoys being around it's people, and people who enjoy being around their dog(s).  
Your canine companion can be an integral part of the family and household, and work together with the family to produce an atmosphere of cooperation, respect, and of course, love! I work with intuitive communication, kindness, consistency, and clear communication of body signals, voice and intentions to produce a harmony between dogs and humans.  As a 30 year experienced practitioner and a certified Yoga and Meditation Practitioner, I will teach you safe, simple and health producing exercises and techniques to slow down, tune in and improve your relationship with your animal friends.  We will work with established and new concepts of cooperative dog training to bring about a working relationship for life. 
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Crazy Dog Training
Intuitive, fact-based training for both dogs and people to increase happiness and harmony in the home. Based on understanding, finding the bridge between you and your dog. 
In-home training for all sizes, breeds and ages
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