Tail wags for Karen!
In my twenty-five years of dog ownership, I've never seen a trainer handle animals (as well as their owner) with such ease, consistency and patience.  After only four lessons, my dogs were responding to me as attentively as they responded to Karen at our first meeting.  And we had fun doing it!  Seeing life from the dog's point of view makes even the most difficult training goals not only attainable but easy.  My two year old male Shepherd, Sam, now sits and waits for my okay before eating his food without being told to sit or wait!  You have no idea how extraordinary this is!  Karen is a miracle worker.  Don't waste your time with any one else.

Tom McDonald and Kathryn Cullen, Stockton, NJ


Dear Karen,
I just wanted to let you know how helpful your sessions with Diamond were. She has learned the sit, wait, come, down and leave it commands quite well. She has also learned to give up the ball when playing fetch. Moving her crate to the kitchen and letting her sleep in Kelly’s room were also a big help as she is happier and sleeps longer without having to relieve herself. That means we all sleep better!!
I really appreciated your approach, which combined positive reinforcement and animal communication.  Your willingness to include the family in the training sessions also helped to reinforce the training. I still have the homework sheets you gave us and refer to them if I forget something. Your handouts provided great information and tips on training and behavior.  
I feel your dog training fills a need, which others do not. Since our dogs can’t speak to us to express their needs, you provide the perfect conduit for those communications that we would otherwise miss.  I would not hesitate to recommend your dog training services or your animal communication services and feel they both compliment each other quite well. 
Our thanks to you for helping us establish a better relationship!


Anita Holland and Diamond


Karen has really helped our family! We have a 4 year old Shar-pei, named Clyde, who has some aggressive tendencies. We also have a 17 month old baby, and needed to be sure that our family and others were safe.  Our worst fears were almost realized when we thought that we would have to either give Clyde away or he would be put down.
Thankfully, we were referred to Karen for help. She not only put our minds at ease, but Clyde loves her and has been very responsive to her training techniques.
Karen is consistent, firm, but extremely gentle and loving with our dogs. What we like best about Karen is that she not only displays extreme  professionalism in her training, but she genuinely cares about the welfare of Clyde as well as our family.
Through constant encouragement, patience and consistency in training, Karen has helped save our family from what was once a bad dream to a happy ending.
Thank you! 
Tracy, Rod and Noah Berkowitz, NJ


We had tried almost everything to provide our "pups", Bailey and Panda, with the appropriate environment for their improved behavior. After reading numerous books and even taking several behavioral classes, it was not until our sessions with Karen from "Crazy Dog" that we saw immediate results. What a dramatic change for the better. We like to call Karen "The Dog Whisperer". We highly recommend her individualized program.
Sincerely, Meg Hutchinson and Eileen James, PA


Karen spent 2 sessions with our 3 year old Labradoodle.  She observed him in our home and asked many questions.  I had taken my dog to two series of obedience classes and worked with two trainers individually.  Although my dog is mostly well behaved, there were still some sticky issues – persistence in jumping on my daughter’s friends (age 8 & 9) and stealing towels and stuff from the house in order to initiate his idea of ‘fun and play’.  Karen assessed the situation quickly and with some obedience work and an animal communication session we have seen almost a complete turn around.  On subsequent play-dates, since Karen worked with DJ, he has not jumped– something he did almost religiously.  Karen gave me many pointers and helped me to understand my dog’s personality and how he meshed with our household.  

Also, Karen worked with our 15 year old Quaker parrot.  Life had changed for him drastically once my daughter was born and our dog came into the household.  He wasn’t very happy.  Karen helped us communicate with one another and as a result, I have been able to make some changes which I believe have substantially improved the quality of my parrot’s life and certainly improved my family’s enjoyment of him.  We have re-connected as a result of our work with Karen.

I wholeheartedly endorse Karen’s work. She is very talented.

Dorry Bless
Milford, NJ


My dear Karen, Many, many thanks for the work you did with our Boston Terriers and their owners.
It is interesting to note, that after your visit a calm atmosphere prevailed among our fur kids which lasted throughout the day and evening.  Sugar did not treat Dixie poorly nor did she create a disturbance in pursuit of cookies.  She came to us asking for the cookies but I merely stroked her and spoke quietly with her - soon she feel asleep.  We did pass out cookies later in the evening to a quiet and respectful group of Bostons
We look forward to your next visit.
Thank you again, 
Isabella & Sayre
Resident Rescued Boston Terriers
Tiger 2, Dixie 2, Sugar 1, Saint 2


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